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Chris Bobino shredding his neighborhood.

Adam Persson and James Kelly, Peyragudes 2013.

Release party

We threw a party to celebrate the new kahalani cast truck and the fact that Ada Persson is #1 in the IDF world cup of downhill skateboarding 2013!

Promo edit for Cast Precision

Produced by

Director: Theo Bolin

Camera: Johan Selin

Editing: Jakob Möller

Music: Jakob Möller

Congratulations Adam, IDF World Champion 2013!!!

Adam Persson has been shredding all year posting rock solid results on practically every event!! At the last event on tour, Mega Grand Prix in Brazil, he secured the world title 2013 after winning the semi and celebrated it by winning the final aswell!!!!


Congratulations bro! We are stoked to support you, but the victory is all yours!!!!  


Longboard Girls Crew OPEN, Trailer

Our teamrider Ishtar Bäcklund has been shredding with LGC and filming for their new movie OPEN. This is the official trailer.

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