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AGE 16

YEARS SKATING on and off since 2 years old, 3 years downhill

STANCE Regular

FAVOURUTE FOOD Kladdkakssmet (google it)

LOCAL HILL Pizza hill, Waxholm

REASONS SKATING To have fun, meet new people and impress the ladies.

SPONSORS Kahalani Boards, Kahalani Trucks, Tårtan Café, Vasuma Eyewear

RACING SETUP Kahalani Eve, Kahalani 184 precision trucks, Kahalani bearings and RAD Advantage

KNOWN FOR Poppin' and lockin', ladies man, shaka passes and always eating skumbananer.

BEST INFLUENCES Fredrik Lindström, Erik Lundberg and Adam Persson

PHILOSOPHY Hakuna Matata

Slidejam Göteborg

Nice edit from


Jakob and friends are tearing the streets of Gothemburg apart!

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