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AGE Gemini, 22



FOOD falafel

REASONS SKATING sharing stoke and fun with my friends. Learning from the flow. 

SPONSORS Kahalani trucks, Daddies boardshop, Rayne longboards, Abec 11 wheels. International "stoke spreader" at Longboard Girls Crew. 

SETUP Rayne fortune, Kahalani 184 precision trucks,  Abec 11 flashback 80a, Vicius griptape. 

KNOWN FOR her Gypsyfeet, traveling, doodling art, enjoying life to the fullest! 

Check out more from her adventures at:



RAW RUN new zealand

Isthar is shredding down a cury road in Kiwi land.

OPEN teaser

Isthar filming with Longboard Girls Crew in Israel for their new project.

BLAZING nasca lines

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