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Ever since we relased our first precision truck we have felt the urge to create something more suited for everyday riding. A truck that makes the most out of any type of cruising, commuting or freeriding.


After over 10 years of precision truck and board manufacturing we have found a formula that puts a smile on our face.We have chosen to call the formula Kahalani Cast Precision since it features elements from both precision and traditional manufacturing.


Available 180 or 160 mm wide. 





Precision machined pivot

This is the main feature of the truck. All experience we have gained from making trucks and running a shop has made us understand that a snug fit between the hanger and the baseplate plays a large role in how the truck performs. On this truck both the pivot pin and the pivot cup is precision made. In other words they're made for eachother.

Virgin grade aluminum casting

We use high quality virgin aluminum to make sure the casting meet our standards. This type of aluminum minimizes the risk of bubbles and other flaws in the construction. 


Double hardened cr-moly axles

The axles are made of cr-moly steel that is hardened twice. This type of material has excellent strength to weight ratio and minimizes the risk of bending the axles.


50 degrees baseplate

We have chosen to go with a 50 degrees baseplate on the first version of the truck. By this it can handle all types of conditions.


Venom 90A bushings

The bushings from Venom secures a smooth transition from one turn to another and adds a lively feel to the ride.


Faced Hangers

The hangers are faced for a good fit between the inner most bearing and the axle.


Grade 8 steel kingpin

This grade of steel is very durable minimizing the risk of you bending or breaking the kingpin.







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