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AGE 37

YEARS SKATING 20 years,longboards for 7 years

STANCE Regularfav

FOOD Mexican and south american food.

LOCAL HILL Its called the beach,its a bit of a playground with the hill snaking its way down with 5 different ways you can choose to go,never gets boring because you can just take a different turn off with a different ending and they all require sliding.

REASONS SKATING Riding boards has always been part of my life,my reason to skate is that i cant find any reason to not skate,its part of me and who i am.

SPONSORS Kahalani trucks, Orangatang wheels,Basement skate,Hopkin racing,Glyde longboards,Oneliner clothing.

SETUP Glyde Haymaker with kahalani 184's and orangatang wheels depending on terrain.,i also have other glyde boards with kahas and indys for boardercross ,ditch racing,park etc.

KNOWN FOR Being a regular in the Australian scene holding down the number 1 ranking until recent times in wich i have turned a bit more of my time toward organising and running events for the sport of longboarding and skateboard racing to continually grow here in Australia...while always being there as a mentor for the new skaters coming into downhill skateboarding.


Hunting Mystical Island

Catch of the day

Ben shreds!!!

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